Златна медаља из филозофије

Baltic Sea Net такмичење у писању филозофских есеја поводом Светског дана филозофије je одржано у Зрењанинској гимназији 25. октобра 2014. године.

Ово такмичење се организује под покровитељством UNESCO-ве Међународне асоцијације Baltic Sea Net и Финске асоцијације професора филозофије. Есеји се пишу на енглеском језику два сата, а ученици бирају једну од четири понуђене теме. Учествовало је укупно 39 ученика из 22 школе из Србије. Нашу гимназију су на овом такмичењу представљали ученици Ивана Грубор 4/8 и Давид Вучинић 4/7, a њихов ментор је професор филозофије Тијана Ћук-Петковић.

Ученица Ивана Грубор 4/8 jе својим есејем освојила ЗЛАТНУ МЕДАЉУ, односно прво место на овом такмичењу.

Ученик Давид Вучинић 4/7 је захваљујући свом есеју ушао у други круг такмичења.

Оба рада наших ученика, пошто су ушла у други круг, учествују на међународном нивоу такмичења у Финској.



Ивана Грубор, Десета гимназија Михајло Пупин, Београд, ментор Тијана Ћук-Петковић

’Nothing is true, everything is permitted’…Certainly that was freedom of the mind, with that the termination of the belief in truth was announced.- Friedrich Nietzsche

Let us try to imagine quitting everything right now – our jobs, tasks, cities… and start doing something we have always dreamed of, be it living in the woods, making wine in the south of France or saying everything we wanted to say to someone without restraining. All of those are possible, undeniably there are examples. So what is stopping us?

Certainly most people would agree that being civilized citizens we have obligations we can’t just neglect. But the skeleton of society is mediocrity. The reason for that is quite logical – the rule of the golden mean. Setting the bar too low – the ones on top are too far from it. Setting the bar too high – the ones at the bottom can’t reach it. Yet mediocrity doesn’t leave space for freedom, it uniformizes. That is why it takes a great amount of courage to shake the basis of this system – a leap of faith as Kierkegaard calls it. When we decide to throw ourselves into the unknown we cast off all of our insecurities and it’s exactly this moment that makes us light enough to fly. What enabled Socrates to be free minded is his acknowledgement that he doesn’t know anything.

One can argue that this approach seems incomplete or even lazy, because it does have a certain oh- to-hell-with-it appeal. It is a bit like closing our eyes in face of a problem and pretending it isn’t there, the problem here being Truth. But if we are to trust eastern mysticism and alike, it is only in our heads what is true; we create our own ‘reality’. We can even go as far as Hinduism and say that the whole world is but a farce.

The Sophists had a similar do-it-yourself vision of reality, that man is the alpha and omega of all things. This anthropocentrism is not surprising after baffling with the question of Truth and the Cause for centuries and finding no definite answer. It is in fact a reoccurring trend through history. The era we live in and it’s postmodernism find solace and beauty in absurdity. Some, like the writer Terry Pratchet find it inspiring and amusing that we can’t be sure of anything; “…find me one particle of justice or one grain of logic in this universe” his character Death says. Because if we are certain of one thing, it is that everyone has a different line of thought and different “processors” so to speak. It is a known scientific fact that every person perceives colors differently. Simply put, if my red and your red are not the same, then why should red be my favorite color if it is yours?

Nevertheless, some things are universally regarded as being true. Even if it is not the same, we both have to agree that, after all, it is still the color red we are looking at. The same way we agree that the heat causes ice to melt or that matter is made out of atoms. Or, more importantly, that it is unacceptable to harm another human being. The definition of freedom is that we are allowed to do anything unless it menaces someone else’s freedom.

Doubt is born where there is no knowledge, and while we are discovering what surrounds us bit by bit, we are still pondering the matrix it all fits in. Maybe the matrix is in our mind, maybe it is universal, maybe it doesn’t exist at all. While asking new questions gets us closer to the answer – if there is one- it is liberating to shed all fear and accept the absurd uncertainty. It is when we have nothing to lose that we are able to look more clearly.

Давид Вучинић, Десета гимназија Михајло Пупин, Београд, ментор Тијана Ћук-Петковић

If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.- Karl Popper

The very first characteristic of the modern society which is propagandized up to limits of becoming intolerant to it, is tolerance by itself. It is said that the ‘’the tolerant let’s it up’’, but does that means that the intolerant will become sadistic, and in the end exterminate tolerant and the tolerance, in this epoch of hegemony of tyrants?

Firstly, lets just take a briefly look back: tolerance is the term which leads it origins from the forms of equality which were guaranteed to people as the result of French revolution. But ‘’O tempora, o mores’’, the times changed, and so tolerance did - it reached it’s zenith - the form which endangered itself and is letting the terror of intolerant to take over, and destroy tolerance completely.

On the other hand, some of the first proclaimed forms of intolerance are coming from the Social- Darwinist theory, which declared the ‘’existence of stronger’’ as nothing else but a natural law, letting no chance for weak to survive or even remain free. Please, lets just not lie each other, worlds politic domination is based on that principle. Just remember the quote of queen Victoria of England at the Berlinian Congress: ‘’This congress does not ask a question of existence of small nations, but the hegemony in the world between England and Russia!’’ We all know that the fish rots from head, and if the global politic is based on intolerance, is there a chance for tolerance to survive on lower instances?

So please be kind and tell me, how could all of them be so cynical, same those who today lead the main word in empty propaganda about tolerance?!

As we go further, the only solution in the mission of saving the tolerance imposes by itself: ‘’Becoming intolerant to intolerant’’. But where does that leads? Nowhere else but in equalizing tolerance with intolerance, completely assimilating them and leaving no opposition to the terror of intolerance. Is it a solution? Hardly yes I think…

All in all, in the end all roads don’t lead to Rome, but to us, to people. To us who were the main spark which initiated the conflagration of the slaveholding monarchy-aristocratic society, the flame which shaped the modern world as we know it today, the flame which fought and won the battle for democracy, tolerance and equality! That flame now is nothing else but a pale shade of what it had been, but it smolders proudly against the winds of intolerance and tyranny!

That tiny flame is knowledge, knowledge which shines and illuminates the dark of ignorance and represents the only true and righteous way with which we will stand for, while fighting against our enemy. So please, carry your torch with the holy flame of knowledge high above your head so you could be spotted! Let it spread to some new generations who will return it back its former glow!