Такмичење у писању есеја

Поводом Светског дана филозофије, 19. новембрa, финско удружење професора филозофије организовало је такмичење у писању есеја под покровитељством Унескове међународне асоцијације Baltic Sea Net.

На том такмичењу учествовала је и наша школа. Победници школског такмичења су: Марина Банашевић (III/9) и Катарина Ђерасимовић (IV/4).

Марина Банашевић III/9

Third essay topic

The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it. - Karl Marx, Theses on Feuerbach, 1845.

Imagine that you have a huge valley in front of you. What will you chose to see there? When we imaginarily go back to the time when philosophy started its development, we would end up in Ancient Greece. Religion and traditions of Greeks, had been, at first, based on the myths and stories about Gods and half-Gods. Admiration and adoration of those Gods was the point of one human beings life. Nothing could overpower or surpass them. But, where is belief, there is also doubt.

The time had passed, and humans started rethinking the idea of omnipotent creatures that they called Gods. And where is doubt, there is a critic. Homer and other Greek poets started representing not only ideal and powerful side of Gods, but also their flaws and vulnerabilities-they started equalizing them with humans. And where is lack of fear, there comes the knowledge. Its no wonder that philosophy started its development as the science at the time when Gods were no more that superior compared to regular people. All off the questions that people had been asking for years in secrets, became public and questioned out loud. Principle of discussion appeared.

First question needed to be tackled was the question of cosmos and origin of all existing. Many philosophers have dedicated their life in order to answer those question, but none of them haven’t completely succeeded. Tales thought that the pre-element of which everything was built was water. After him, another representative of Milesian School, Anaximenes, claimed that pre-element was air. Anaximander gave the theory way different than Tales’. He introduced the term aperion, which he described as a principle of things and the constituent of all substances. Aperion is something undetermined, halfway between air and water, or even air and fire. He argued that water can’t embrace all of the opposites in nature(it cannot be dry, only wet) in order to dispute Tales’ theory.

After certain amount of years, Heraclitus represented the whole world as a constant movement of fire, whose disharmonious moves causes harmony and creates ‘balance’. He was the first who dared to equalize Gods and nature, and his study, pantheism, is accepted in today’s vast religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, only in slightly different form.

With development of philosophy, many other interpretations of space, world, and substance were given and explained. The atom was discovered and described as a unit of matter, the theories of cold and hot pre-existing universe were posted and changed and science had developed. But, what remained was doubt.

No matter how reliable and credible certain theory is, there will always be other theories that will be contradictory, and there will always be tendency to improve and further complete the theory in order to keep up with new discoveries.

Now, imagine having three people in one room. First person is a businessman, second one is a woman from asylum, and the third one is a child. Ask them: ,What’s the world?’ A businessman may answer: ,Well, planet lead by the money.’ A woman may answer: ‘Smell of my dog’, although she doesn’t have a dog, and a child may say:, My mommy.’ So, hypothetical, they are all philosophers, because they gave us their vision of the world. And such as in the case of philosophy, their claims are different. This lead us to the fact that our interpretation of the world is different than someone else’s.

So, the first question needed to be asked is- how to change something that is very subjective and depends from person to person? Maybe for some, the world doesn’t even have to be changed, maybe it’s perfect just the way it is, in its complete harmony? Maybe, that harmony is not perfect at all, maybe its imperfect, and disharmony is perfect and reverse. Our subjective visualization of the term named ‘world’ further lead us to existence of different types of realities. So, if the reality is also a subjective notion, nobody’s reality is the same. That means that the change we’re introducing must be subjective, too. When we want to change something, we do it because of the desire to create something better.

The following question to this claim is ,But what is the definition of good?’ It is various from religion to religion, country to country, and finally, person to person. First of all, we should bare in mind that, as an individualists we have to protect other humans by not endanger them in any way.

Now, I will refer to my story from beginning. Mentioned valley represents your vision of the world, and you can create and change it in any direction you want, as long as it makes you feel the way you want. As long as it does not impact on another’s person valley in a way which that person considers to be bad.

So, be the change you want to see in the world- but your world.

Катарина Ђерасимовић IV/4

Fourth essay topic

Let us then suppose the mind to be, as we say, white paper (tabula rasa), void of all characters without any ideas; how comes it to be furnished? … Whence has it all the materials of reason and knowledge? To this I answer, in one word, From experience: in that all our knowledge is founded, and from that it ultimately derives itself. - John Lock, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, 1689.

Lot of people in this world would say that knowledge comes primarily from sensory experience. They are accentuating the role of experience over the idea of traditions and surroundings, telling us that everything we ever touched, heard or tasted made us the person we are today. The smell of mown grass, the melancholic song we hear on the radio in the lazy summer afternoon create the most beautiful memories, and wake up our emotions, that we kept hidden from everybody else.

Unknowingly, those people are telling us a millions of years old story that continues to last, even to the present day. Nobody knows how or when it started, but in one moment it began, and no one knows the end... Shall we listen to it?

At the beginning of time, there was a blank space. Just the rotting smell of emptiness, uncertainty and hopeless feeling... like something that just came out of a Rimbaud’s poem. While floating in time and space, the matter was trying to find it’s own shape and identity, was trying to get to know it’s own limits.

While being demolished by it’s own fear, chocked by it’s tears, that couldn’t even start running nor flowing, in some point, it might have seen the ray of light. The ray was piercing through the thickness of the heavy, black fog that was surrounding that undefined matter, offering the tiny chances for something greater that was waiting outside.

When the baby was born, it seemed like the ancient myth was coming alive. The chaos was reigning around, colors and sounds were melting into the one enormous and gygantic form.

It was a living symphony of everything that existed; it was the beautiful synthesis of something that was never seen before. Even though the baby was trembling with fear, and was intoxicated by it’s very first ever taken breath; it started to feel almost euphoric. The pile was coming together, the shapes and sizes started to merge, and the baby saw it’s very first image ever. The unknown feeling of belonging spread all over it’s little, shivering body, and somehow, the little creature started to trust it’s own instincts, knowing that it is going to be welcomed with joy and open heart to this world. As the days were passing by, the little creature started to discover this new, wide world. Since it came from suffocating darkness, it seemed so spacious and light; so vast and so full of hope. Even though the little thing couldn’t walk properly, and could barely talk, it started to find it’s own ways, and he set up his own little rules. He giggled, and stared, he waved his tiny arms into the air, he was smiling and crying, incapable to describe his feelings with meaningful words.

One day, when he made his very first step, the overwhelming feeling of pride started to fill up his growing mind. And he was one step closer to expressing his pride when he said his first word. The memories of that dark place, full of decaying stench were slowly fading away. His beloved ones; his mother, and caring father were the only thing he could ever think of now. The bright blue sky and the warmth of sunshine on his cheek were his main occupation in those days.

Those days and weeks, months and years were passing by... and in a blink of an eye, he started to get new obligations... And a new weight of concern had been overthrown on his shoulders.

He started forgetting of those happy, sunny days he had when he first started discovering the world. His new preoccupations, assignments, and constant rush, were making him forget about all those carefree moments he spent while being little and protected, while being young and vulnerable.

He was learning... day by day, and step by step. He learned that you shouldn’t step on a dog’s tail, otherwise, dog will hunt you and bite you as hard as he can. He learned that the rose smells beautifully, and the vinegar is tart. He always remembered not to eat those red mushrooms from forest, nor to be rude to his teacher. He found out so many new things, one at a time.

The years passed, and the little creature was no longer little, his mind grew rapidly, his soul was rotting inside, due to many sad, painful moments, and horrible things he had to witness. They indeed, were tragic, but thanks to them; his heart was starting to grow more and more every day. He learned the secret language of this great world, and was able to live in that constant mess, that the life is. He became that endearing man, man who cared about his family, the one that was often helpful, full of compassion, and respected. His experiences helped him gather all his knowledge that he had, making him a more fulfilling man, with every new thing he found out.

Many years later, when the old man was dying in his own bed, he suddenly started to remember all of those beautiful moments he spent when he was quite young, when he didn’t even know how to express himself. Even the memory of that dark place, of the very first beginning of time, was showing up in his mind... but it wasn’t that dark... It was somehow safe, and peaceful, quiet and comfortable.

As the old man took his last breath, everything once again merged into a beautiful, colorful symphony, but this time, it was good to know that he was coming back into something known to him, and something familiar.